Time Machine Rocket
Time Machine Rocket

Time Machine Rocket

Project start: November 2020 Timeline: 2 months Client: Personal project Services: UX & Product Design Platform: Crowdfunding analog game Game landing page


Time Machine Rocket is a fast, simple and fun card game. It has a great balance between strategy and luck, in addition to the possibility of interfering in the opponents' game.

The theme is inspired by time travel narratives that promote the unexpected encounter of figures from different eras. In short, the idea is to travel in time in search of forming the best team of historical personalities, bringing together figures such as Leonardo da Vinci and Bruce Lee.

In each turn, the player opens a card from the historic decks. She then decides whether to bring that character to her team, or to open a new card. If she opens a Rocket, she advances to the next deck. If she opens a character of the same type that she opened before, she now has to put that character on her team.

The game ends when a player forms a team of 5 characters, of 5 different types (Humanitarian, Military, Creative, Scientist and Explorer). The player sums up the numbers of each character, and the one with most points wins.


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