Feedbacks dashboard
Feedbacks dashboard

Feedbacks dashboard

Project start: May 2020 Timeline: 1 month Client: SumUp Services: UX, UI, User Research, IA & Data Analytics Platform: Desktop Dashboard


SumUp is a leading fintech company, operating across 32 markets on 3 continents. It is building a world where small businesses can be successful doing what they love, enabling 2 million merchants around the world to accept card payments in-store and online.

The challenge.

Shortly after joining SumUp, I thought of a way to have quick access to user feedback. Together with the Product and BI teams, we decided to develop a dashboard with these feedbacks.

Dashboard screen
Dashboard screen

My role.

I was the lead Product Designer, working closely with a Product Manager and the BI team.

I worked on the discovery process, data analysis, prototypes and final screens.

Design tools.


Design process.

The idea was to have easy access to our users’ information and feedback. This would serve to have a thermometer of the main pain points of our users, and to identify opportunities to work on the product.

At SumUp we did not have this access in a simple and categorized way. I looked for alternatives in the market, and I was inspired by some to propose our own dashboard.

Together with the BI team, we were able to export our users’ interactions through Salesforce, and in each interaction, we also had the rating that each user gave to the SumUp service in an NPS. I built a prototype of the dashboard, so that the BI team could develop something similar using the real data.

Card anatomy
Card anatomy

Specific issues.

To be compliant with the data protection laws, we reduced the number of information that would be displayed on the dashboard, prioritizing only those that served as input for identifying the main opportunities for our product.

The results.

The dashboard was developed, and was used by the product and design teams to identify the biggest pains points of our users, and to think about opportunities that we could address with our product.

The support team itself ended up consuming the dashboard to have visibility of the main contact categories, and to be able to cross this information with the NPS data.


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